Jay Bhakti dd gives Reiki instruction following the traditional path of Usui Reiki from Japan.

There are three levels in learning Reiki and therefore, three possible initiations.

Reiki I teaches how to move the energy and direct it for healing someone present during the session.

Reiki II teaches how to channel the energy at distance and reach for healing someone not physically present during the session.

Reiki III teaches you how to become the energy so you can pass Reiki I, II and III during initiations or attunements.

Each level has its specific Reiki Symbols and Mudras or hand positions to move the energy.

The best preparation for becoming a healer is to be vegan (ahimsa or non-violent diet) and to meditate two hours a day, one for the healer and one for the others.

Receiving Reiki attunement or initiation is essential to become a Reiki practitioner as it opens your centers of energy or chakras for the energy to flow and pass through you towards the person to be healed.