San Diego, CA, USA
Non-Profit Ashram for Ocean Beach*

*Ashram (n) from Sanskrit āśrama: Refuge for yogis; Sacred Space to practice Yoga in its eight limbs, which include ayurvedic medicine and many natural non-invasive practices for keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit; Place to nourish the soul; Home to learn and experience spiritual practical knowledge.


Creating a Safe Place for Youth and Everyone to Grow

Bhakti Temple of Healing Arts in San Diego current activities projected to be united under one Ashram in Ocean Beach:


Yoga classes and physical conditioning for all levels, from beginner to instructor certification.


Mantra Meditation:
Group classes and practice, for all levels of experiences with meditation.


Prasadam Spiritual Food:

Chef Mayapur Chandra Dasa
Chef Mayapur Chandra Dasa


Vegan and Vegetarian Spiritual dinners to nourish the body and soul: degustation, cooking classes,
philosophy and theory behind achieving a healthy way of eating.



Food for Yogis:

Chef Mayapur Chandra Dasa
Chef Mayapur Chandra Dasa


How to cook a vegan, tasty, balanced, satisfying diet
that will make you happy,
while giving you energy and enhancing the duration of your life.

How to offer your food and fill it with spiritual energy.


Vedic Astrology & Tarot:
Vedic wisdom to look at your present, accept your past and embrace your future.
Tarot readings; individual and group readings, classes, parties, workshops, certifications.
Astrologic Charts readings.


Essential Flowers Therapies:
Bach, Australian, Alaskan, California, Mapuche, Andes and other Essential Flowers.
Tinctures used to support enjoying balanced emotions, while overcoming traumas, and personality obstacles,
like fear of speaking in public.


Spiritual Counseling and Coaching:
Therapies and Counseling led by professional therapists and psychologists with a strong spiritual formation and knowledge; guidance offered respecting and encouraging the different individual spiritual beliefs and faiths.


Spiritual Therapies for the Mind:
Tarot & Reiki Therapy; Surf Therapy; Cows, Horses, and Dogs Therapy; Art Therapies.


Natural Complementary Medicine:
Holistic medicine practice, consultations, workshops, classes, and treatments.


Massage, Body work and Acupuncture:
Treatments and workshops.


Shrine Meditation:
Artik or Spiritual Ceremonies of Offering the Elements (picture of sacred rivers puja)
Kirtan chanting with sacred instruments for Bhakti Yoga like mridangas, kartals, harmoniums, and spiritual dancing while chanting.


Vedic Books read and analyzed, particularly the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.
Online classes and workshops on Vedic literature and topics.


Environmentalist and Ecological Proposals and activities; cleaning of beaches and parks; practical tips to avoid plastic use.
Hikes, bon fires, beach days with spiritual activities like yoga, prasadam spiritual food and conversations about how the ancient native cultures and Vedic culture related and relates to nature when gathering, walking, and enjoying the gifts of the outdoors.


Bhakti Temple of Healing Arts current activities contemplate growing them to a bigger scale when having an Ashram, so under one physical space every aspect of our practice could flourish. For example, our weekly spiritual dinners and cooking tips would evolve into a cafeteria or small restaurant to offer our delicious prasadam, spiritual food, to the whole community, beyond our Monday’s Satsang at the beach or elsewhere, always with the characteristic love and beauty of Bhakti Temple of Healing Arts.